A Refiner for Gold


Scrape, scrape. I clenched my hands together as I nervously squirmed in the polyester chair at the dentist. The trained dentist continued to push and scrape and shape my teeth. I wiggled my toes, shut my eyes shut and squeezed my hands together. I pushed in my stomach in and waited for the terrible procedure to be over. The floss came intentionally between my teeth. I shut my eyes very tightly hoping that I would not cry while laying in the chair!

“The crucible for silver, and the furnace for gold, but the LORD tests the hearts.” Proverbs 17:3 (NIV)

The dentist had to scrape away at the plague, and other imperfections so my teeth could be healthy again. Some of my bad habits in eating and drinking had contributed to my pain.  God was gently reminding me that I must also layside my pride. I must  put it in the corner and allow Him to chip away at my sin, and my past that I cling to. I must give my sensitivities to Him. Jesus is the only one who heals my pain. However, sometimes before there is restoration there must first be a death of the past. When I choose to go deeper with Christ, it will be painful. I cannot only allow God to chip away at my sin but I have to daily let His Word wash me.  If I choose to remain in the land of just enough than I will suffer deeper pain later.

Sweet friend, I do not know what Jesus is trying scrape away at  your life. I can imagine that your pain goes much deeper than an uncomfortable time at the dentist. Don’t take the scalpel out of the Refiner’s perfect hands.  Submit to Him and allow Him to gently peel away all that is keeping you from the gold He has called you to be. Wait sweet friend. Wait on Him.

For His Glory,

Anna ❤ ,


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