More Than Enough in His Eyes


More Than Enough in His Eyes
Sarah McConnelee 2016

There are dishes to be done
My floor is a mess
The windows are sticky
My clothes are not pressed
My child hasn’t been bathed since last week
And my husband is wondering when we will eat
Unaccomplished, grouchy, a mess is this right?
Was this the bargain when the prince and I drove off into the night?
Is life really worth all the hassle and struggle?
Soccer games, meetings, and laundry juggles?
How many nights have I gone to bed tired?
Hungry, and mad at not finishing my piles.
Where is the grace hidden behind the endless expectations?
Unending perfections?
When will my enough ever be louder than the expectations?
When will my good be enough to fill the world of its sorrow?
Enough to see me through till tomorrow?
With my messy hair and a heavy heart
I began to weep at how much I’m not.
Through my tears and my mascara stained face
I heard a whisper of the softest shades of grace.
You are more than enough in my eyes.
I rule the oceans, I rule the skies
I made color of your skin, I made the color of your heart
And I’ve known you before you had a start
It’s you I love and want to mesmerize
So, stop your tears
Look to me
My grace is enough
I came for thee
To set you free.
Free from complete perfections and free from inadequacy
Free from sin, free from people’s expectations
You are complete in me
I came to earth to set you free.
I died that you might live
Not just survive
Truly thrive
Now go live and
Follow me.
The whisper was gone
As well as my tears
Looking at the messy kitchen and my cranky child
Almost forgetting what I just had made my heart run wild
Closing my eyes, I prayed
Lord, make me yours
Make me new.
A smile was granted with strength fresh, anew
I knew God would help me get through.
I was not perfect but in God’s eyes I was enough.
I am His masterpiece
Still, a work unfinished.
I must allow Him to chip away all my selfish edges.
So, this Mother’s Day
Married, single, children or not
You are worth it
You are enough
Because of Jesus.
Happy Mother’s Day. 

John 3:16 Colossians 2:10, John 10:10, John 15:9-11 Galatians 5:1 Galatians 6:9 Eph.2:8-9, Romans 5:8.


To all the wonderful women out there, you are treasured and precious by the Lord Jesus. He loved you enough to die on the cross, rise again, giving you new life! I don’t know how today finds you. Maybe you are snuggled up on the couch with your lovely children that you keep you up and bring you joy simultaneously. Maybe you are looking out the window, anxiously awaiting for a child’s return. Maybe your hands are weary from praying for a wayward heart to return to Jesus. Maybe your heart is broken because you have lost your mother, or you have not been able to be a mother yourself.  Take heart dear one.  The Lord sees you. He knows your joys, and He sees your pain. Run into His arms. ❤


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