Hello Mr. Bumble


Aw, finally a moment of peace and quiet. Such a blessed treasure in my life. Can you relate? I eased my achy body into my cute patterned, prayer chair. I opened one of the four novels ,I was reading at the time, and deliciously opened the pages. Just as I was delving into the pages of my book, I heard a buzz buzz. Must be one of those rounds toys that the cat was playing with, I mused as I quickly returned to my book. The buzzing continued. I sat up in my chair and continued to read, I was not in the mood to be distracted. After a few seconds of very distracted reading I closed by book to investigate this noise. Under the window, I saw a struggling bumble bee. His wings fluttered and flitted. I didn’t want to touch him and definitely didn’t want to kill him. The thought of touching this insect scared me. I hate tiny, moving things!
Mr. Bumble finally recovered and in a few seconds was wildly doing circles around my bedroom. He was lost and terribly unsure of himself. He fumbled up and then down. Upon seeing Krystal, my brother’s snowy kitten, Mr. Bumble had the fortitude to flutter upward. I on the other hand was not handling Mr. Bumble very well. I obviously couldn’t sit down in my comfy chair again, as Mr. Bumble sometimes hovered right over my chair. The nerve of Mr. Bumble! I grabbed “The Best Yes” by Lysa Terkeurst and began traffic signaling the lost bee towards the door. However, I wouldn’t touch him. Because, like I said, I’m afraid of tiny, moving, things. Mr. Bumble didn’t understand that his best yes would be to follow me to the door! Finally, after many minutes of aimlessly flying, Mr. Bumble got stuck in my tall, reading lamp. Quickly, I unplugged the large, lamp, and made a dash for the door. Mr. Bumble, must have read my signals. I don’t think I could’ve been any clearer! 😊 He latched onto the screen and I bolted open the door. Thankfully, he agreed that his best yes would be to fly free.
I breathed a sigh of relief. Finally, my time of peace and quiet was at hand. I slumped back into my chair weary from my adventure with Mr. Bumble. I couldn’t help but becoming a little upset atthe passing of time worrying over a bumblebee. My time of perfect solitude was now reduced. But then I realized that maybe God had put this buzzing interruption in my life to teach my restless spirit. How many times do I wander, straying back and forth, failing to fly into the light of His providence, His love, and of His plan. Like Mr. Bumble, I try doing things in my own strength and my own timing, and I mess up miserably. When I’m in the center of God’s light, He will take me exactly where He wants me to go in the timing I’m supposed to be there. I worry and stress about the future, about upcoming projects, family situations, and the unknown. I cannot handle any of theses life situations on my own. I need the help of Jesus to get me through. We will never reach a point of spiritual maturity where we don’t need God to guide us. As we grow spiritually, we become more aware of what He wants, but we still must constantly be seeking Him.
So, maybe your wings are broken, and you are struggling to get out of bed in the morning, or weary just at the thought of moving forward. Trust me, I understand. I don’t know what heartaches, or uncertainties fog your viewpoint but run towards Jesus. He is the light and He will take you outside where you need to go. Trust after Him, even when you can’t see or have forgotten how to fly. Allow God to carry you. Let Him be your wings. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The only way to get anywhere is to know Him and to bask in Him. Get sonburned with Jesus. Others should see that You have the glow of the Lord around you. If I try to spend time with God when I feel like it, it will never happen. To blossom spiritually, I must be in the center of Him, all the time.


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