Messy Ministry


Ministry is Messy.

I am slowly learning what ministry really means. Slowly, like a turtle with serious memory problems. It’s not really what I expected. It’s much more of a denial of self than anything else.  The other night, I only had four hours of sleep and needless to say I was grouchy. I was snoozing and in a good mood until
My mother called down the stairs asking for help in the kitchen. Due to my exhausted spirit, I had avoided the piling dishes on the counter along with the clean dishwasher that begged to be emptied, the messy table, and there were still dishes on the drain tray to be put away. Not to mention dinner had to be fixed.
I groaned thinking, the time most inconvenient.
When I came upstairs my mom pointed to the coffeepot. Whew, what a blessed relief.  I began to help with the mess, afterwards picking up my brother from work.
I learned something that day. Ministry is meaningful but not convenient. We cannot expect it to be. We cannot expect to only obey God when everything works out perfectly or when nothing else appears to be pressing. I used to see ministry as doing “big things” for God.  And obeying God in big areas of our lives is vital, but at the same time ministry is surrender in a million small choices every day.  True ministry works behind the scences and beneath the surface. It is the roots to the flowers that later blossom.
Ministry is serving.
It is listening to one more conversation that you’ve heard a million times before.
It is cleaning the kitchen one more time.

To be like Jesus I must listen, love, and give
Even when I’m tired and afraid.

If God has called you to something then be bold and go, knowing that it will be difficult, inconvenient, and beautiful. Because any size, shape, or form of ministry doesn’t go unnoticed by God.

“And whoever, wants to be first must be your slave-just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.” Matthew 20: 27-28.



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