He is Faithful



As I sat in the new building for Bedrock Community Church, I felt like crying. My heart was full.  I thought about the miracle of the prayed for seats that were filled to the right of me. My hand lightly touched the seat beside me. My heart wept softly at the silent seat beside me on my left.
Bedrock had gone through so much over the past ten years. They had not given up on being a God centered, gospel centered people. God blessed their faithfulness. I thought about different God dreams that had birthed in me while at Bedrock. I thought about people that had listened to the gospel while at Bedrock. My heart ached over the dreams that had died and at the seats that were absent by personal choice. God’s word does not return void. Looking around at the beautiful walls, sound system, and kitchen, you wouldn’t know the devastation that once lived there. Looking around at many of God’s people you wouldn’t know the struggles and heartache that they have endured to become the godly warriors they are today. God had rebuilt the ruins and repaired the broken. Oh, how like my own broken and wayward heart. Friend, God does repair. He heals, and He does restore. Allow the Lord to chisel away at your insecurities and carve away at your fears so you can be radiant for Him! Not every dream will come to pass, but we’re still called to walk in faith! Heb. 11:6. When you pour into a person in the name of Jesus it will not return void. Even if they turn away, God’s words did not turn void.      Isaiah 55:11. You keep being faithful!

Trust God. Trust Him. He is all sufficient. He is so faithful! Let Him repair the holes in your life. Let Him hold and restore your broken heart. The time of mourning is over. Let us rejoice and move forward! ❤
“And they shall rebuild the old ruins, they shall raise up the former desolations, and they shall repair the ruined cities, the desolations of many generations” Is. 61:4. ❤


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