When God Plucks Your Heartstrings


SAM_4433       I sighed as I slipped my violin back in its case. I wasn’t progressing as quickly as I would’ve liked. My notes were still squeaky and my fingers still clumsily trying to grasp the bow. I was defeated. My back, shoulders, and neck ached from violin posture. I wanted to give up like I had before.
I think that we are all like a violin. We’re beautifully handcrafted by our Creator. We are made in His image. (Gen. 1:26-27). He knows the ins and outs of our personality, the color of our eyes and the rhythm of our heartbeat. But to be used for God’s glory, we must surrender the bow. We must surrender control, allowing God to fine tune us into His masterpiece. We must relinquish our dreams for His amazing plans.
We must also show up. You will never be great at anything unless you show up. You will not have a dynamic, powerful walk with God unless you spend time in His word. You must show up. God is the one who works, but you must be willing.
So dear one, surrender your bow to the Creator of Music, the Creator of sound. Whatever you long to control, give it up to Him. Everyday show up and be ready for what God can do through you. God is ready to use us, but we must be willing. I think so many times we miss God’s opportunities because we were distracted and wouldn’t give up the bow.
Whatever you’re holding onto
Give it to Him.
Allow Him to fine tune you into a symphony for His glory. It will take time, trials, and tears but one day others will hear you, see you, and know that only Jesus the breather of music could produce something so wonderful from something that was once so broken.


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