You are Loved!


Happy Valentine’s Day! I don’t know what this day has been like for you. Maybe it has been beautiful with rose petals and kisses (chocolate or otherwise…:)). Or maybe you have felt pangs of loneliness and vulnerability that are sharpest on this day of love. Maybe you’ve heard it a thousand times before but I want you to hear it again. You are loved and cherished by the Creator of the universe. He sculpted the stars and made you in His image! “We love Him because He first loved us” 1 John 4:19. The only way that we are able to love or scratch the surface of the depthness of true love is because God spanned the galaxies because He loves You and wants you to belong to Him! “For whoever calls on the name of  the LORD shall be saved” Romans 10:13. The hands of Jesus are open. Run to Him. He is the source of true, love. Nobody loves you as much as Jesus does. Trust Him friend. Trust Him.

Below is a poem I wrote last February. It’s about Cinderella (my favorite princess 🙂 ). I hope you enjoy it! ❤


Singing Cinderella

Velvety twilight
Glistening galaxies
girl weeping by the treasured tree
Her hair is matted, her dress is torn
Tears sprinkle cheeks now forlorn.

A kind woman smiles
Touches the girl’s cheek
Bringing hope, comfort.
Uplifting the meek.

A wand is waved
Words wave and change
Changing the girl in tears
To a woman in a lovely gown.

Rags are present no more
Tear smudges are now replaced
Dress of the finest silk swishes and swirls
The girl smiles as if in a trace.

Off to the castle the girl flew
On a carriage made of silver and gold.
Heart went pumpity pump
At possible wonders to behold.

The carriage stopped
And the lovely girl crescendoed out

Shaking, in her silver slippers
She was beautiful inside and out
And it scared her
What would anyone say if they found out?

Smiling she began to sing
Softly, silently
A gentle lullaby
Soprano orchestrating with the velvety starry sky.

Picking up her long train
Squaring her shoulders strong
She waltzed into the ballroom
But not for long.

Royal red carpet welcoming
Oblivious to the fact that she was in disguise
Guards in regalia of red and blue
Chandeliers playing the riches tune.

Bravely yet meekly she entered the background
Transforming the picture entirely.

Bored, the prince stifled a yawn
His eyes glazed past the yearning women
He caught his breath at the sight of the
Beautiful woman.
Quickly, he strode towards her.

He’s coming toward me.
Authentic blush grew
No, he can’t
Maybe he’ll know
Who I really am.

He bowed with graceful goodness
His gloved hand reached for hers.

Together they danced and danced.
Feet silhouetted upon the glass floor.
His eyes dreamy green. Hand upon her tiny waist.
Around, around, through the arms and back again.
Twirling, twirling,
Her dress swirling
His eyes fixed on her.

The music ceased
Side by side they strode into the moonlight for a stroll.
Still shaking, she strolled near him, she knew he cared, she wasn’t afraid.
Whatever battle he was fighting, she would fight with him.

The prince was thankful for a kindred spirit
Wait, I apologize.
His voice resounded soft.
I never asked about you.

She blushed
About to tell him who she really was
When dong, dong dong,
Twelve times strong
Her ears were pained
Oh, how she longed to speak frankly.
I’m dreadfully sorry but I must go
Tenderly, he kissed her cheek.
Ella ran, ran
Faster, faster.

He’s chasing me.
Calling me
Wistfully she longed to run back
But her will pulled her on.
Slipping, her shoe
Fell to the ground

It didn’t crack.


Orion’s belt shone strong
As Ella raced away
Hopped into the carriage
Prayed for the prince in a wistful way.

Twelve O’ one
Docked the clock
The girl returned to rags

Her heart smiled still.

Days passed
Dishes were washed
Pancakes flipped
Clothes strung on the line
Hopeful was she

The prince searched with the missing shoe
High, and low
Far and wide.
Searching for the beautiful woman
With the pure heart
hidden, on the inside.

Finally, he heard the song of sweetness.
He dashed into the house
Past the angry, fiery woman
Past the silly, flirtatious females
Up the wooden stairs
He knocked down the door
Fighting for the woman inside.
Fighting for her heart.

He found the same beautiful woman he knew before
She wore not a grand ball gown
Rather plain, work ware.
Her eyes were red, blood shot yet hopeful
She gasped,
He was seeing her in her truest of self.
She blushed in shame.
Carefully he came near
Striding on the wooden boards
He knelt before the girl on the window seat.
Placing the shoe on her cold, graceful feet.

Eyes locked
It’s you I want
He softly said.
Though I’m homely and plain and all alone, she whispered
No, because you’re beautiful inside
And I want you
For my own.


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