Open My Eyes

SAM_3025 Have you ever lost something precious and extremely important? I have. Last night and today I was searching frantically for this item. I looked everywhere, under the bed, in the car, under the couch, in all my coat pockets, in my book bag etc. I even went through the dirty laundry. I was grumpy and moody and I took it out on my faithful family who volunteered to help me in my search. My day was burdened because all I could think about was how careless I had been. But you know what is even more embarrassing? This item was in my purse…..the whole time! I know any high thoughts you might have had about me are smooshed and trampled. I thought I had cleaned out my purse five times already but apparently not. Through this experience I think God was teaching me something.

Some trials in life are made harder simply because I fail to see the promises of God that are right under my nose. Like Mary Poppins said, “Some people can’t see past the end of their nose”. This is a true statement. God’s promises are in His word if I would have the eyes to see and the desire to search His word for wisdom. God wants to see me search, yearn, and crave His presence. As children of God, we are equipped to fight the spiritual battles that are constantly waging! Eph. 6:10-20. So, open God’s word dear friend and seek Him.

Maybe some of you have family or friends in your life that don’t have a relationship with Jesus. You pray and speak and pray some more and you still don’t see any results. Maybe you grit your teeth out of frustration or give up through misunderstood tears. But pray that God would open their eyes. This person that is weighing heavy on your heart, is blind.  Maybe your friend or family member is searching and searching for truth. They search in the Koran, under religion, and behind the New Age movement.  Yet they continue to search because each time they come up empty. That’s why they continue to stumble. God is available to all. Jesus died and rose for all so that all may follow Him.  “For whoever calls on the name of the LORD shall be saved” Romans 10:13. Be vigilant. Prayer is a powerful weapon. “The effective, fervent, prayer of a righteous man avails much” James 5:1. You have no idea how God may be using your prayers. Be strong and hold tight to the promises  that God has placed within your hands!


Love you all!

Sarah ❤


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