JESUS, the Music of Christmas



Cramped in the back corner of the basement Joseph struggled to remain composed.

Joseph kept folding and refolding his hands. He was stressed.


“Uh, yes…What can I do”?

Joseph wanted to go somewhere, do something. He longed to be anywhere but here…..He loved Mary but ……he was scared….he began bolting for the doorway.

“Joooe Dooon’t leave me”.

Oh great. As much as he loved his wife, he cringed at being present at the birth, let alone Mary’s rock. He was about to pass out himself. Timidly Joseph sat next to Mary and held her hand. He smiled and pretended to look strong. He had to be strong for Mary.

Just then Aunt Noelle breezed in as if birthing babies was an everyday task.

“Hello sweet pea. Let’s get you comfortable”.

Uh comfortable, Joe thought…..that was not happening for anybody. Mary was certainly moaning rather loudly.  But thank goodness for an experienced woman who could help Mary.

Joseph watched as Aunt Noelle gracefully took over.

Careful. Don’t do that. Joseph inwardly cautioned.

Didn’t Aunt Noelle know that this was his wife? His baby?

Okay not really his baby

This was JESUS!!!!!!

But Aunt Noelle was singing or praying and asking Mary to push. Wasn’t there an easier way???

Mary hollered the most earth piercing scream and Joseph wanted to flee. But he bravely clung to Mary’s sticky, sweaty palms. He peeped at Mary’s big brown eyes that were squinted so she wouldn’t pass out. She was too young for this. His quiet, sweet Mary groaned again. Joey closed his eyes praying fiercely. This was the Son of God and Joe knew that JESUS would be born to save the world from their sins. Evil fought harder at that moment than ever before, but he could not win. He never could. The words “It is finished” had already been written before time and could not be changed though the force of hell barred the door.  It was if the devil himself was insisted that this baby not be born. But the power of God cannot be so easily thwarted.

And then Auntie Noelle showed us a baby.

He was so perfect.

I touched His round, little mouth. One day He would learn to speak and yet He had already spoken my world into exsistence and knew language because He had created each one.     How could the Son of God be so tiny and yet still hold the world in His hands?

Such a juxtaposition I could not fathom.

Shaking, Mary handed me JESUS.

I trembled and then I began to weep. I didn’t think I would be able to love a baby that wasn’t of my flesh. But as I gazed into the eyes of this baby, I couldn’t help but weep. I felt so unqualified and filled to the brim with love.

I looked at Mary. She smiled. And though she looked exhausted, and her hair was a mess, I never loved her more than at that moment.


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