Rugged Glory



You can learn so much from older people if you stop long enough to listen to their stories. Yesterday I met a kind older man who is  a veteran of dear, old, Bedford. After I was  unable to locate his favorite brand of orange juice we sparked up a conversation.  He had worked at Rubatex for 30 more years as a supervisor. His creaky, sincere voice carried on telling me about the 50’s when he went to Korea with the military. His eyes carried a look of sorrow as he described the children he saw. He is an older man but the images were still vivid.  The Korean children were eating from the trash. He described how he saw people drooling because they were surviving off of dirt. Purposefully, he asked his mess sergeant if some of their food could be spared to give to the children. Thankfully, the mess sergeant said yes. I could tell from the deep look in his eyes that this kind man was willing to fight for his country yet he hated seeing the devastation war brings.

I am ashamed to say that I didn’t thank this kind man for his service. But I am thankful for the opportunity to speak with him and hear his story.  God has probably put different people in your life today who need you. Maybe they need you to pray for them or simply stand by them and say nothing. Open your eyes and see the individuals that God has called you to love on.



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