You can Change a Life!


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.

“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little”. Edmund Burke.

It is easy for me to become enraptured with my own problems. But in actuality, my problems  are so small compared to atrocities that happen every day; especially slavery.

            According to the Borgen project ( there are approximately 20-30 million slaves


Stop thinking numbers and start thinking about individuals. Think about your brother or sister. Your best friend, or your husband or wife. Think about if they were enslaved.

This morning I was listening to Christine Caine ,founder of the A21  campaign, preach from Mark 6 about the bread and loaves (YouTube Christine Caine 2017, Christ is Enough).  Think about it. JESUS used the little boy’s lunch of five loaves and two fishes. The little boy could’ve refused to give because he only had a little, but he gave anyway. God can use you.  JESUS used this little boy to feed over five thousand people.

How many people will continue to suffer if you refuse to give?

One of my favorite movies is “Amazing Grace” which goes through William Willberforce’s fight to end the British slave trade.  He has to fight in the British Parliament.  I love the line where he says, “No matter how loud you shout, you can not drown out the voice of the people”! Those 27 million in slavery now are people with skin, bones, and heart.

Today, I challenge you to make a difference. Pray about where God would have you to give; your money, your time. Life is so short. Don’t waste it.  Please check the link below for more information on the A21 campaign which is at work to abolish slavery. Together we can make a difference.



Just One More

Sarah A. McConnelee


All around me I see


Crying children with no mother.

Refugees freezing, far from home.

Homeless man, shivering, alone.


Baby begging for healing care

Prostitute wishing she didn’t have to go there.


Despair descends

I know I can’t help them all

so why

even try.



what if that hurting one was me?

Lost, alone, in poverty?

I’ve so many riches

I cannot sit idly by

not while children suffer and die.


No, I can’t help every hurting heart

or soothe every orphan’s plea

But Lord, let me help just one more.





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