Rain, rain, Beauty, and pain.


Drip, Drip, Drip.

Rain flooded the world right outside my window. It brightened the world, washing away the impurities and of course the pollen that makes people sneeze.  Rain granted the flowers the ability to blossom. The roses in the garden are more beautiful in the sunshine because they soaked up the rain. Yet while rain has its beauties, it also is plain


A simple stop to the grocery store or the mailbox is suddenly made more dramatic by puddles squirting on clothes and water spilling into cute sandals and shoes. Rain is


The juxtaposition of the beautiful growth and the messiness and invasive reminds me of relationships with people. I can avoid people, push them out of my life and not have to deal with the messiness of relationships. In the past I have done this. However, in those seasons of my life, my heart has become dry and arid like the desert. Gasping for water, for friendship, yet not wanting to experience the  evasiveness.  If I chose to avoid getting close to people in my life than I will give up the ability to flourish.


Rain, rain, beauty and pain

Relationships are needed to survive this terrain.

Left alone you will die of thirst

Lord enabled people and community first

For family, friendship,

Survival and pain

To grow in love

Companionship and sustain

Allow the rain of people

To invade your life

fill up your spaces

help you to fight

your battles

making life right

Like rain

People will invade

Make life messy

More beautiful.


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